Executive Officers


Vice President

Recording Secretary


Dennis Kilpatrick

Terry Harrow, Sr.

Charles “Chunks” Rhinehart

Brian Fioretti

Operational Officers


1st Asst. Chief

2nd Asst. Chief



Safety Officer 3

Safety Officer 1-3

Mike Bletz

Tim WIllits

Robert Cowfer

Jay Willits

Robert Harrow

Terry Harrow, Sr.

Adam Kilpatrick

Fire Police Officers

Fire Police Captain 3

Fire Police Lieutenant 3

Fire Police

Fire Police

Charles “Chunks” Rhinehart

Anson Willits

John Confair, Jr.

Dewey Hamilton


Matt Brown
Jason Clarke
Ron Dailey
Brian Fioretti
Bubba Flook
Maynard Green
Shawn Hummer
Johnson, Leslie Social
Adam Kilpatrick
Mike Kilpatrick
Mark Lomison
Dacoda Luse
Ryan Romberger
Hunter Rodabaugh
Carl Sones
Brian Weidler
Adam Wian
Jessica Willits
Josh Willits
Jason Yorks
Lydia Yorks


Dewey Hamilton
Terry Harrow, Sr.
Dennis Kilpatrick
Terry McCauley

Junior and Probationary Firefighters

Kristen Clarke – Junior
Kia Coleman – Junior
Robert Green – Probationary
Terry Harrow, III –  Junior
Colby McKibben – Probationary
Mycah Morgret – Probationary
Cade Vuocolo – Probationary
Bryen Way – Junior

Social Members

Kyle Gildea
Ralph Hershberger
Leslie Johnson
Cory Rhinehart
Patrick Welshans

Retired and Life Members

Independent Hose Company No. 1 recognizes the members below for their many years of dedication to the fire service. 

Thank you for your service to your community and the contributions and sacrifices you have given to our firehouse. We especially remember those who came before us and are no longer with us. May your legacy continue to live on.

Daryl Marden – Life
Robert Sheets – Life
Richard Quiggle – Retired
David Ulmer –  Life